Steel Scaffolding

Whether it is a renovation, new build, extension or just some general maintenance, you are likely to need scaffold to complete any of these jobs.There are a range of different materials that your scaffold can be made from, but in the UK these are most commonly either steel.

Key to galvanised steel scaffolding systems is their extreme flexibility and adaptability to any project or job. Unlike and aluminium tower scaffolds, steel scaffold projects can be assembled to great heights with complete freedom to erect scaffold structures in shapes as your project requires.

Steel scaffolding is undoubtedly the best type of scaffold to bear heavy loads. Due to the nature of steel and its inherent strength and stability it is able to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Perfect for construction or maintenance of any kind when dealing with Britain’s changeable weather! These scaffolds are also able to bear weather conditions such as intense wind, heavy rains, and even an unlikely earthquake.

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